Suicide Bereavement Group

Have you lost a family member, friend, neightbour or work colleague through suicide? Do you need support, listening confidentiality?

Whether you need to approach your grief in the company of others or on a one to one basis, Limerick Living Links is here for you.

  • Free one to one Confidential Service can be arranged

  • Healing Programme

  • Support Group

  • Call 061-314111 or 087-7998427 for further Information

A Suicide Outreach Support Volunteer is available to you

Contact the Living Links Limerick Support Co-ordinater on 061-314111 or 087-7998427 :

In the Limerick region, a number of trained individuals are available to offer confidential, emotional support and information to families who have experienced a death by sucide.

The Suicide Outreach Support Volunteer at the request of the family, can call to the home or meet at a location of your choosing.The Suicide Outreach Support Volunteer can provide information and Emotional support concerning the following areas:

  • Your Grief
  • What to say to Children
  • The Inquest